aamra Pro owns extremely skilled Programmers and Developers to complete all kinds of software development tasks and responsibilities to clients. These tasks may include the development of various digital solutions:

  • Desktop Software - We provide Desktop Software or programs which can be considered as a localized version of a service or web application that offers the user and application processing interaction options without actually connecting to the web service.
  • Websites - We can design new websites and modify ones that already exist based on the needs of our clients.
  • Support and Maintenance - We offer support and maintenance services, which refer to the after-warranty maintenance and support services rendered by the Supplier with regard to Materials covered by a different Subordinate Support and Maintenance Agreement.
  • Project Management - We provide the application of procedures, techniques, know-how, expertise, and experience to accomplish particular project goals in accordance with predetermined guidelines.
  • Software Testing - We provide software testing solutions to ensure that the actual software product complies with expectations and to make sure it is error-free.
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