Who We Are ?

aamra is an amalgamation of businesses focused on catalyzing the modernization of Bangladesh by providing technology-driven solutions to their clients in various market segments.

aamra recognizes the up-to-date idea that Bangladeshi business companies need to apply ineffective systems integration. Our corporate functions strive to provide all our customers with customized and integrated technology-based solutions that enable them to maximize their business potential. Hence aamra holds the patents, distribution, and marketing rights of a number of world-renowned high technology-driven products. We at aamra are continuously striving to satisfy our clients and target groups and also to serve them with the best by providing them authorized and complete service and maintenance for the same.

Using the ISO Certified and Strained Skilled Sources, we have ensured that our clients have had minimal worry when it comes to dependability and reliability. We have well managed and highly skilled expert team who are both professionally and technically trained in Managed Support Services so that we can provide seamless services to our clients. aamra Pro Solutions Limited (APSL) is launching its services with complete reliability to their customer by bringing them cost-effective human resources.

With more than 100+ highly skilled and well-trained employees spread nationwide, we are forever dedicated to serve the market ranging from Local to Multinational; SOHO to Enterprise Corporate market; and thus our clients have been able to rely on our ability to provide Managed Support Service Solutions.

aamra Pro has always functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities it serves. Our highly skilled and well-trained professional executives have the experience and knowledge to get our clients the most qualified and professional Managed Support Service Solutions. The commitment they bring to their task is channeled through the organizations into further community development. We are also committed to provide customized Managed Support Service Solutions that meet the client's needs corresponding to the demand of the present business world.

Our Milestones

At its core, aamra Pro has always been a community-focused organization that genuinely cares about the well-being of the people in its care. Our aim is to provide first-rate support to businesses and help them maintain a positive work environment.

  • 1 Our Vision

    Securing a conducive setting for businesses of all types across the country, which will in turn propel commercial development and encourage creative new approaches.

  • 2 Our Mission

    To provide our clients with superior managed support services in order to empower them.

Mission Vision
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