APSL back office functions include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, etc. Employees use procedures in our back office activities to support the smooth operation of the company. Here are the services we offer to our clients:

  • Customer Relationship Management - We provide CRM services to help businesses and other organizations manage their consumer contacts. We conveniently keep in contact with our client's customers by phone, email, etc. Our CRM system will boost lead generation by assisting our clients in finding new prospects more promptly. Furthermore, it improves customer service.
  • Account and Finance Outsourcing - APSL outsourced bookkeeping is most appealing since it saves organizations money. It does so in various ways, including minimizing the cost of hiring an in-house finance team and saving you time to focus on the core business. For our clients, we will perform as a service provider and do financial computations to determine annual revenue, profit, and loss externally.
  • Workflow Outsourcing/ Project Outsourcing - We are aware that the number of paper documents generated increases exponentially and that having a backlog of paperwork takes up unnecessary space and is challenging to manage for any firm. APSL Workflow Management is the answer for us. We will digitize all paper documents and tangible copies of data. Additionally, we will offer our customers access to online file storage so they can quickly store their information online and access it from any location at any time. All of the paper documents in your company can be converted to electronic files and stored on your server or in the cloud using digital conversion techniques. This enables you to handle papers more effectively, prevent the loss of important records, and maintain the reputation of your company.
  • Support Desk Outsourcing - We provide Support Desk Outsourcing services to assist our clients in resolving issues or facilitating fixes for issues that have already been identified. Our clients can hire us as an external support service organization to manage their calls and other communications with their customers from a separate location.
  • Help Desk IT Service - aamra Pro shall provide dedicated IT experts who can immediately provide support to any issues or Problems at any time whenever it is experienced. Backed with expertise, our team of IT Professionals can help you resolve any issues remotely or via phone to ensure business productivity and efficiency. To resolve the issue if any physical involvement is required then our IT person will physically go to the clients’ end and evolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Credit Control Service - We have well-trained Credit controllers who are responsible for managing the debts of a company. They are tasked with coordinating the debts of existing creditors and managing new requests for credit. Ultimately, our expert credit controllers manage all money borrowed or owed to the company.
  • Visa Extension Service - Many tourists may need to stay overseas longer than they had anticipated for a variety of reasons. In this scenario, they need to apply for a visa extension. We're delighted to announce that we'll serve clients in a range of sectors, including real estate, government, restaurants, fitness centers, florists, and other professional services. Therefore, if anyone wishes to extend their visa for any reason—personal or professional—we are pleased to assist them in doing so, enabling them to advance both personally and professionally. This service includes the following additional services:
  • - Corporate Service: Hire our professionals to register your business, and watch it quickly expand. Throughout the procedure, we will be at your side.

    - Transports Services: Get the most affordable transportation to, within, or from the city while taking use of premium private services.

    - Everyday Services: We offer you daily services to make your life simpler and relieve you from the stress of administrative and legal procedures.

    - Trip & Event Services: Without lifting a finger, plan your own wonderful private event or vacation in Pattaya. Everything is organized and planned for you.

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